Universal Learning Institute, a government certified Career
college, offers a free laptop to those who register for a diploma
program 8 months or longer, to start before February 28, 2017.
CALL NOW 604-248-1242

Some conditions apply: Program must be 8 months or longer and start before Feb. 28, 2017. Payment
must be complete by graduation. Must complete program in assigned time. Those who dropout before
completion must return laptop to the school in same working order as given. Excludes funded programs.

Career College Programs to Help You Get and Keep a Job

Ensuring that you get a job and keep a job locally or internationally is our mission. Our proven programs will help you get the education and training you need – all to assist you to obtain and succeed with your job.

As a private career college with over 20 years of student successes, we offer a variety of short term courses as well as diploma and certificate programs in many fields to help you succeed: