Career College Programs to Help You Get and Keep a Job

Ensuring that you get a job and keep a job locally or internationally is our mission. Our proven programs will help you get the education and training you need – all to assist you to obtain and succeed with your job.

As a private career college with over 20 years of student successes, we offer a variety of short term courses as well as diploma and certificate programs in many fields to help you succeed:

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ULI Service Guarantee

Universal Learning Institute makes every effort to help you succeed with your chosen occupation or profession

If you have not achieved the necessary score to move forward, you can retake the course at no additional cost to you. Extra assistance is also available to help you succeed.

Government Approvals and Accreditations

Education in Canada

Personalized Service, Small Class Sizes and More

Our students enjoy small class sizes and individual attention. You will learn effective program materials that will build your confidence for success in your career.

  • Small class sizes
  • Start dates every Monday
  • Practicum & Co-op work terms
  • Individualized schedules
  • Student loans available (domestic applicants only)

Make New Friends in this Ethnically Diverse Area

The Vancouver area is very ethnically varied and its diversity is widely embraced by its citizens and students.

Metro Vancouver has one of the highest percentages of permanent foreign-born residents of any city in the world.

Our Career College Offers 3rd Party Certifications

These certifications are particularly helpful when applying for a job.

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