How to battle stress and the college "blues"

Prepare To Battle Stress And Those College ‘Blues’

As a student at a career college, you may experience stress because you have not planned for this particular post-high-school period in your life and may be overwhelmed by the many different challenges you face.

Prepare yourself for the pressures of the college experience and watch your friends for signs of stress and depression. There is help available for those who need it.
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How career colleges are bridges to university and college

Career Colleges Are Bridges To University And College

BC and Alberta are the only two provinces in Canada that have set up a system that allows students registered at career colleges, including private career colleges, the opportunity to transfer easily to a traditional college and for students at a traditional college to transfer to a university. Students can also transfer directly to university from a career college or from one university to another.

This structure is particularly appealing to students who come from other countries and must become more proficient in English before they can seek colleges or university degrees.
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Fall is traditional college student shopping season

Fall Is Traditional College Student Shopping Season

Even if you are planning to attend a career college and can start your studies any time of year, late summer and early fall is the traditional time for student shopping with great specials and, according to retailers, the biggest shopping season after Christmas.

Because shopping can be fun or a hideous task if funds are limited and you can’t find what you want at a price you can afford, you should take advantage of the good specials and great selection during this back-to-school season. Prepare a list of items needed for college and cash-in on the fall savings if you are going to start your studies any time soon. Read more