Office administration education

Learn A Variety Of Tasks For Office Administration Jobs


Office administration is a great career choice because you learn to perform many different tasks that qualify you to work for a variety of employers, which gives you a lot of job flexibility. Learning office skills and particular program material can establish you as a candidate for many employment opportunities and are applicable to a variety of administrative positions.

After working for one company for a while, you will realize how very portable your credentials are and, if you aren’t happy or want a better paying job, your experience will make it easy for you to move on to another company. As well, your background will make finding part-time work a simple matter if that is a good choice for you at different times in your life.

Aside from courses in general office administration, you can also specialize in insurance licensing. Both programs offer some of the same or similar courses but insurance licensing specifically prepares you for work in an insurance office or prepares you to take a national examination that, upon passing, will give you the recognized professional designation of Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB). Read more