• Course Description/Length/Prerequisites

This course provides a concise, practical guide to communicating effectively in the world of business. This course offers a direct, concrete approach and an opportunity for hands-on application of effective communication strategies. It includes a review of business letters, formal and informal reports, and oral presentation. There is discussion on other strategies in the flow of communication with an emphasis on verbal and non-verbal cues.

  • Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Upon completion of this hands-on course, students will be able to:

  • To write business letters in a proper, formal format
  • To identify the types of reports that are required in business situations
  • To demonstrate the methods of oral presentation both in a formal and informal environment
  • To review the importance of communication relative to securing employment, with emphasis on using both verbal and non-verbal communication and their impact
  • To prepare the student with the communication tools-verbal, non-verbal and written-and the practical applications inherent in each
  • Course Details

Introduction – Fundamentals of Communication

The listening process

Listening barriers

Styles of effective listening

Types of nonverbal communication

Tips for effective communication with diverse workplace audiences

Developing Writing Skills

The writing process

Selecting the best channel

Proper tone

Negative and positive language

Inclusive langue

Plain language

Familiar words


Improving Writing Techniques

Concise wording

Outdated expressions

Repetitious words

Redundant words

Jargon, slang and clichés

Proof reading 

Memorandums and Email

Writing Process



Routine Letters

Letter of requests

Order requests

Simple claim requests


Negative Messages

What is a negative message?

What is the importance of a negative message?

Expressing the negative message

Techniques for expressing a negative message


Letter and Memos that Persuade

The audience of a persuasive letter

Characteristics of a persuasive letter

Steps to writing a persuasive letter


Goodwill and Special Messages

Writing goodwill messages

Types of goodwill and special messages


Informal Report

Types of reports

Guidelines for writing an informal report


Oral Presentations, Meetings, and Telephone Communications

Preparing an oral presentation

Delivering a presentation

Planning and participating in productive meetings