• Course Description/Length/Prerequisites

This course emphasizes on the leadership function in business, public administration, and health care. There is a focus on applications/skill development.  This course will teach leadership theory and concepts, improve ability to apply the theory through critical thinking, and develop leadership skills.

This 40-hour course is delivered on-site in a classroom, instructor-led format. Prerequisites include:

  • Basic English skill, verbal and written
  • Resources Required:

Leadership Theory – Thompson South-Western

  • Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Upon completion of this hands-on course, students will be able to:

  • Understand traditional theories and concepts of leadership as well as the most recently developed leadership philosophies
  • Apply leadership concepts through critical thinking
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Course Details

Individuals as Leaders

Who is a leader?

Leadership traits and ethics

Leadership behaviour and motivation

Influencing: Power, politics, networking and negotiation

Contingency leadership theories

Team Leadership

Communication, coaching, and conflict skills

Dyadic relationships, followership, and delegation

Team leadership

Leading self-managed teams

Organizational Leadership

Charismatic and transformational leadership

Strategic leadership and managing crisis and change

Leadership of culture and diversity, and the learning organization