• Course Description/Length/Prerequisites

This course focuses on the organization’s need to pay attention to its “human resource”, by understanding how the application of human resource management, the people processes and systems in a company, impacts its performance.

This 60-hour course is delivered on-site in a classroom, instructor-led format. Prerequisites include:

  • Basic English skill, verbal and written
  • Resources Required:

Canadian Marketing in action – Pearson Prentice Hall

  • Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Upon completion of this hands-on course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss contemporary marketing, its processes and practices
  • Outline the role of marketing research, and consumer behavior
  • Discuss strategic planning focusing on market segmentation and target markets, as well as planning at different organizational levels
  • Focus on the marketing mix: The Product
  • Focus on the marketing mix: Price
  • Focus on the marketing mix: Channels of Distribution
  • Understand integrated marketing communication-Advertising and Public Relations
  • Understand emerging directions in marketing including online and Global Market opportunities
  • Course Details

Contemporary Marketing 

Marketing Environments

Marketing Research

Consumer Buying Behavior

Business-to-Business Marketing and Organizational Buying

Marketing Planning

Strategic Marketing Planning

Product Strategy

Product Management

Price Strategy and Determination

Price Management

Distribution Channels and Physical Distribution

Wholesaling and Retailing

Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising

Direct Response and Interactive Communication

Marketing Communications: Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Event Marketing and Sponsorships

Internet Marketing

Services and Not-for Profit Marketing

Global Marketing