Global Trade and Marketing Career College in Vancouver BC

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A global trade and marketing diploma can be your entry into an exciting job in the growing international import and export trade and marketing industry. You can choose from the variety of courses offered at ULI to get you right to where you want to be.

We have diploma courses including advanced and quick start skills development. If you choose an advanced course, you will benefit from:

  • practicum sessions – to give you a very good idea of the demands and scope of the various jobs available in the field
  • work terms – to give you the valuable work experience that is so attractive to future employers

Learn the Thrilling Game of Importing, Exporting, and Marketing

Would you like a job that prepares you to travel to other countries looking for new products or buyers of products?  What is your passion? Would you like to work for a company that markets hockey gear, fashion, financial services, or agricultural products? This field offers lots of opportunity for students who want learn about imports and exports, product marketing, and management for many different consumer products.

By completing a program in global trade and marketing, you can find an appealing job in this ever-changing field that continues to create new job opportunities for young people. If you take advantage of this training, you could be one of them.

These Programs are Offered in Global Trade and Marketing 

  • Global Trade & Marketing Diploma
  • Global Trade & Marketing Advanced Diploma
  • QuickStart Skills Development Diploma in Global Trade & Marketing
  • QuickStart Skills Development Diploma in Global Trade & Marketing (with practicums that allow you to compare classroom theories and methods with what actually happens on the job)
  • QuickStart Skills Development Diploma in Global Trade & Marketing (with co-op work terms that give you on-the-job experience)

The skills you learn will prepare you for positions available in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in business, government, and international agencies. The study of global trade and marketing could be exactly right for you.

Global Trade & Marketing  (click on the program links below for info on each program)

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