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Adwords - Global Trade & Marketing

The Global Trade and Marketing Diploma provides the skills, knowledge and expertise to seize new opportunities in the global trade market, and exploring cohesive international alliances. The program provides an insight into the global business environment, principles and concepts of international trade finance, management of global supply chain, understanding of legal aspects of international law, and above all the intricacies of international trade management. In addition, the intensive program equips the students with accounting, office skills and communication skills to work effectively in today’s knowledge intensive flexible global trade markets. Students have the opportunity to earn either the FITT certificate or diploma certification or the CIFFA Advanced Certificate, and have hands on experience of working in the very competitive industry through the Coop work term.


Career Opportunities:

  • Freight Sales Agent
  • Oil Distributor
  • Advertising Time Sales Representative
  • Food Products Sales Representative
  • Graphic Design Sales Representative
  • Hotel Accommodations Sales Executive
  • Liquor Sales Representative
  • Magazine Sales Representative
  • Security Services Sales Consultant
  • Supervisor
  • Wholesale
  • Trade Representatives

All Diploma programs offer a 60 hour ‘Free’ English Conversation Course

Understand Canadian English in everyday conversation
Become comfortable using the phone, dining out, travelling, shopping and other daily activities