International students head to Vancouver for college

International Students Head To Vancouver For College

Vancouver, BC, is a popular destination for international students heading to high school, a career college, a traditional college, or to university because they are very welcome in this cosmopolitan city.

Not only do international students comprise a large percentage of the student population at the higher levels, their presence also affects the number and types of restaurants springing into existence, the growth of rental units, and the swelling of public transit users, demonstrating the need for more and better options. Both the city and the education system are growing in many ways because of the influx of international students. Read more

How to battle stress and the college "blues"

Prepare To Battle Stress And Those College ‘Blues’

As a student at a career college, you may experience stress because you have not planned for this particular post-high-school period in your life and may be overwhelmed by the many different challenges you face.

Prepare yourself for the pressures of the college experience and watch your friends for signs of stress and depression. There is help available for those who need it.
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