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Consider These 5 Reasons For Choosing A Tourism Career

If you like working with people and like to travel and are looking for a career that encompasses both these elements, one of your best choices is to train to enter the tourism industry. Since tourism and hospitality have a lot of overlapping features, it is a good idea to train for both, which gives you many more job options within both industries. Read more

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Vancouver BC Hospitality Training Available at ULI

If you want an exciting career that makes a difference in people’s lives, a hospitality career could be just the occupation for which you are looking, especially if it is also important that the training costs are affordable and there are long-term job opportunities and advancement prospects.

The hospitality industry goes hand-in-hand with the tourism industry, and you can train for both at the same time. Tourism in BC is a growing, dynamic industry, and a major generator of increased revenue for the province. Each year, there are many more international visitors resulting in many more job opportunities for people in the hospitality and tourism fields.

In the hospitality industry, it is essential that you feel comfortable providing the warmth and caring service that is so important to your clients, and that your emotional engagement will invite the repeat bookings and purchases so important to your employers.
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