ULI is dedicated to serving our students and to listening carefully to what they have to say.  It is only through this that we can constantly strive to improve our student’s experiences.

Pedro Kawabo

We always got a lot of help from our great instructors, especially Orin Charles, who is very easy going, helpful and easy to understand. They are very knowledgeable and eager to provide any support.

That is why I would certainly recommend this school to all future local and international students from Brazil and any other countries.

Pedro KawaboGlobal Trade and Marketing

What I like about my program is I have a great teacher who helps me all the time with understanding the difference in the cultures of Brazil and Canada, explain the concepts clearly (sometimes a hundred times!) and the school is alwyas open for me to do the homework for the whole week (even though the classes are only three days per week). I can come in anytime and always feel welcome by all the staff.

Claudia Computerized Accounting Diploma
Elvira Elvira

For International Students like Myself, I recommend this school because I feel very confident about this program, I can see myself working in this field and Canada itself is a wonderful place to live, work and have a successful life.

Elvira Elvira Computerized Accounting
Winny Asis  Computerized Accounting

What I like about ULI is that it is clean and tidy, the Staff are friendly and accommodating and for me, the most important reason is that the school provides flexible schedule depending on my availability, which makes it so easy to study and work at the same time.

Winny Asis Computerized Accounting Computerized Accounting

What Students Are Saying

“ULI offers flexible schedules that allowed me to study and learn around my hectic lifestyle.”

“I appreciate the time I spent here, learning and upgrading my skills. Your assistance has been rewarding and inspiring. I was able to stretch myself at times and discovered that I had it in me to succeed! Thank you! I look forward to what is in store for me as a career.”

“Thanks to the careful consideration of the program that would best lead me to my goals I am prepared to be a property manager.  ULI brought in the most qualified teachers and speakers to help me understand the Canadian way.”

“I have not only learned new skills but I have also had a lot of fun doing it.  I have met such wonderful people, staff and students.  You have wonderful people working there, always so kind and friendly.  I just wanted to say thank you as I really enjoyed the time I spent at ULI.”

“ULI offers flexible schedules that allowed me to study and learn around my hectic lifestyle.”

“Thank you so very much everyone for being so helpful and understanding.  I am glad that I decided to learn at ULI as it was a pleasure to get to know all of you.”

“I got the job as an Accounting Cost Analyst and I’m excited.  I will start September 30th. Thank you ULI for everything.
When I was deciding on which school to choose ULI make my decision easy because they were so kind and made me feel comfortable right away.”

“I have been at ULI during my visit to Canada. The counsellors are very good at understanding what exactly is your requirement. They then suggest what is best for you to get new job or excel in a current job. I recommend learning from Universal Learning Institute for a better future.”