Consider These 5 Reasons For Choosing A Tourism Career
Wed, 06/22/2016 - 06:47

If you like working with people and like to travel and are looking for a career that encompasses both these elements, one of your best choices is to train to enter the tourism industry. Since tourism and hospitality have a lot of overlapping features, it is a good idea to train for both, which gives you many more job options within both industries.

Tourism is an Important Element of the Global Economy

People who travel for vacation, health, sports, family, or business reasons, or to attend conferences or celebrations are considered tourists and are classified as international, regional, or domestic tourists, depending on how far they are travelling. Tourists are an important part of the economy because they spend money during their travels and at their destinations, and generate wealth and employment wherever they go.

Not only are tourists important for the economy, they also add quality to their own lives and to the lives of the people they encounter by providing and being exposed to social, political, cultural, and educational diversity. All countries welcome tourists with their own brand of tourism and hospitality services, and the exchange is worldwide. Popular tourist services are:

  • Customized tours
  • Bilingual staff and services
  • Guided, bilingual cultural experiences, such as concerts and art galleries
  1. There are Many Jobs and Advancement Opportunities

Because there are a lot of jobs in the tourism industry, you will have a number of employment choices when you are searching for work. If you have taken advantage of formal educational training, it gives you preference over applicants who are looking for on-the-job instruction. You also have better employment opportunities if you can communicate in more than one language. Once you demonstrate your willingness to work hard and with enthusiasm, you will have opportunities for promotion and quick advancement, and can move ahead more quickly than people who have not had formal training.

  1. There is a Lot of Variety and Numerous Career Choices

You can always find a job that suits you within the tourist industry because there is such a variety of choice. If you want to travel, you can make that happen—e.g., apply to work on a cruise ship or as a tour operator. If you prefer to stay in one place, there is no problem with that either—e.g., apply to work on event planning for festivals and fairs, or at a resort.  You can work at a steady nine to five job or one with unpredictable schedules if that is what you prefer.

  1. In Tourism, You Deal with People and Influence How They Feel

In tourism, you have the chance to meet and interact with people from many countries and cultures. You have the potential to make people happy, to add to their enjoyment of their experience or their dream holiday, or you can ease the way of someone who is having a problem with some aspect of their travel plans, their accommodations, or their meals.

  1. The Skills You Learn are Easily Transferable

There are so many career paths within the tourism and hospitality industries. Once employed, you will add to your skills and will find them useful within both these industries or in some other business that may appeal to you at some point.

  1. You’ll be in a Creative, Innovative Industry

As a member of the tourist industry, you are selling or enhancing an experience, which doesn’t exist until the purchaser begins his journey. Whether you are part of the tourism or the hospitality industry, you are an influential member who plays an important part in providing the tourist experience. It helps to be able to think on your feet and adapt to changing needs, situations, and even the occasional crisis.

Formal Training Helps You Land the Job You Want

At a private career college, you can train for a career in tourism or for a combination of hospitality and tourism. Depending on how much time and money you have before you want to or need to be out  working, you can pursue a diploma or an advanced diploma training program.

Learn the fundamentals of tourism and pick up some work experience with a co-op program or gain further insights by taking a course with a practicum.

Tourism is a wonderful, growth industry and there is always room for more employees and managers. Kick-start a rewarding career by enrolling in a training program at an accredited institution and you’ll be on your way!

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