Improve Your English at Universal Learning Institute Today!
Thu, 09/10/2020 - 10:34

Improve Your English at Universal Learning Institute Today!

By K.P. Wee, ULI English Instructor

If you need to brush up on your English level for career or postsecondary purposes, Universal Learning Institute is an awesome place for you to improve your ESL language skills!

We have highly qualified instructors in our English department with more than a combined 50 years of teaching experience who are up-to-date with modern and current teaching methods.

What makes our ULI ESL courses so practical? Here are some highlights:


1. Students learn how to communicate in various settings. Whether it’s asking questions or using English in everyday situations – for example, asking questions in a shop or communicating with neighbours about everyday activities – students will learn and practice these common useful phrases in class to give them more confidence in using them correctly in their own lives. Our English instructors are also excellent communicators ready to answer your questions – don’t be shy!

2. Students don’t just learn from textbooks but also practical knowledge outside of them. Yes, students use textbooks and practice exercises from books, but that’s not the only learning students receive. For example, students practice reading as well as writing for practical purposes such as diaries, emails, and cover letters. Students learn how native English speakers actually communicate in real life, not just what is covered in textbooks (which are excellent resources but often do not properly illustrate how we communicate in everyday life).

3. Students have ample opportunities to practice speaking. For students who would like to improve their pronunciation, our instructors work with them in class every day to help them gain the confidence in speaking. After all, the more students practice, the more confident they are and the better they become – and our instructors are there every step of the way to see that happen. In addition, students will – after learning how to do so – have opportunities to do speeches or presentations on topics about themselves such as their last vacations, their family members, and so on.

4. Students’ needs are respected and met. Instructors are there to encourage and also push students to achieve the levels that are desired, and our instructors understand how to motivate each and every student to attain his/her goal. For instance, some students might be shy or aren’t comfortable with speaking – and in those cases our instructors are aware and handle the classroom dynamics accordingly. Essentially, our instructors recognize each student’s individual needs and do their best to cater to each learner’s objective within the classroom setting.

5. Students learn academic English for prep courses. For students who need to improve their English level as prerequisites for upper-level or college preparation classes, they learn effective reading strategies and study composition writing – including research papers, persuasive essays, and descriptive essays. After each successful reading and writing assignment, students will be one step closer to getting into their postsecondary program or their desired career!

6. Students receive regular feedback. Our instructors provide regular feedback – often daily – whether it’s on spoken or written work, all designed to give more confidence to students and improve their abilities. Students will be extra motivated to take on that next reading or writing assignment, or the next presentation or speech!

So, if you or someone you know needs to brush up on English, contact ULI today and enroll in an ESL class that will help you achieve your dreams – and get into your desired career or postsecondary program soon!

For further details and enroll in our ESL classes, contact us now at / or call us at (604) 248-1242 / (604) 626-6661


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