International College Students Enjoy Advantages in BC
Thu, 12/01/2016 - 06:26

The number of international college students continues to increase each year in BC because of the many advantages available to international students in Vancouver and in the interior of BC, as well.

Students discover that transferring between institutions is easy, they can find career colleges geared to educating and training international students, and there are many job opportunities available in this beautiful province.

Students From All Over the World are Welcomed to BC 

  • The Government of BC reports that international students at all levels of education in the province are increasing. There were 94,000 students in 2009-2010 and 114,000, or 22% more, in 2013-2014, with 39,000 at the post-secondary level. The growth in 2015 reached 25%.
  • International students are very welcome in this province because they help drive the strong, diverse, and growing economy.
  • The BC government offers scholarship funding for several of the province’s institutions to students in India and China in order to attract even more international students.
  • Although most of the colleges and universities popular with international students are located in the Greater Vancouver area, there are also educational institutions in the interior of the province that report a strong increase in students from other countries.
  • A recent poll of young Canadian age 18 to 25 revealed that students are demanding a diverse educational experience — more international students and courses — to better understand other cultures and world views that are different from their own.

Transferring from One Institution to Another is Easy in BC

One of the enticing features for international students to register at BC colleges rather than other provinces in Canada is that BC— and also Alberta—make transferring from one educational institution to another so very easy.

For instance, it is not difficult to transfer from a small, private career college to a traditional college and then to a university:

  • Particularly popular is the ability to transfer from, say, a career college such as the Universal Learning Institute that caters to international students by offering an excellent program in improving a student’s ability to communicate in English, which can then be used as a stepping stone to transfer to a public college.
  • After spending two years taking courses at a public college, a student can either continue studies for two more years to obtain a college degree or can transfer to a university with credit for many courses (select carefully ahead of time) and receive a university degree.
  • Career colleges and public colleges accept students with lower grades than universities do. Colleges also have smaller classes and are less expensive. Many students who are Canadian by birth also begin their post-secondary education at the college level and transfer later to another institution to obtain a degree from a university.

Get an Early Career Start in BC at a Career College

International students who are not interested in a college or university degree but want to become proficient in English and train for a career flock to such institutions as the Universal Learning Institute for both English training and career training.

A career college that has developed many programs for international students attracts people from all over the world. Students feel very comfortable perfecting their English and learning Canadian customs and Canadian practices in a variety of career paths.

Training at a career college lasts a year or two for most programs and many provide paid work terms in which students gain valuable, marketable work experience. They are assisted in preparing job resumes and counseled on how to find a job and how to conduct themselves in a job interview. 

Job Opportunities for International Graduates Continue to Increase

Vancouver, BC, is rated as one of the most desirable places in the world to live and work, and BC had Canada’s highest job vacancy rate in 2015 as reported by the Job Bank.

Because of BC’s cultural and language diversity, the province provides not only a great place for international students to study English, further their education and train for employment, it also offers many job opportunities for people fluent in more than one language.

Whether you want to study, work, or make BC your home, this is a great province. You can’t go wrong.

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