International Student Grads Find Dream Tourism Jobs
Thu, 12/01/2016 - 06:25

After completing their training at a career college, international student grads are in a perfect situation to find dream jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries in Canada and in other countries. Employers in these sectors are particularly interested in hiring people who are able to converse, read, and write in more than one language.

Being Bi-Lingual is a Big Advantage

International students have a big advantage when applying for jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector:

  • Companies welcome new employees who are able to speak a second language (or more) at all levels of the tourist and hospitality industries because of the international clients for whom they provide services.
  • Any job that requires your interaction with customers either in person, on the phone, or online helps bring revenue to the employer if services need to be provided in the language of the customer’s choice, and you can provide it.
  • So many aspects of the hospitality and tourist businesses involves adding pleasure and happiness to the customer’s experience. Being able to communicate is a key point in providing satisfaction for customers and is imperative when attempting to solve problems for them.

A Variety of Exciting Positions Exist

It is in your best interests to find a career college that offers both classroom instruction and hands-on practical experience in the two related fields of tourism and hospitality. For maximum job opportunities, it is especially useful to receive training that leads to both Canadian and American certification.

  1. You Can Find Awesome Jobs in Tourism:
  • There are many jobs in international tourism that cater to tourists who travel from this country to another, and to those who visit here from other countries.
  • Internal or domestic tourism is also a growing field as many citizens love to travel from one part of their own country to another.

Both types of travelers need transportation and accommodations and support services for both. In order to serve the many different nationalities with their variety of languages, companies are enthusiastic about hiring applicants who can communicate in more than one language:

  • Sales jobs for travel agents and people who sell or reserve passes for activities and event tickets
  • Tour operators and tour guides
  • Accommodation support services
  • Problem solving and information services

All the areas in tourism require staff and managers. This means that experience opens the door to opportunities for promotion as well as for transfers from one type of job to another, one company to another, and one country to another.

A major perk of, and drawing card for, employment is the opportunity to travel and/or for personal discounted travel and accommodation privileges.

  1. Try the Hospitality Field for Fantastic Job Opportunities:

Tourism and hospitality jobs often overlap, and experience in one often prepares you for the other as well, allowing you to move between these two fields. These are growing industries and job opportunities are expected to continue to be plentiful in the coming decades.

  • Concierges, resort managers, hotel managers, and desk clerks are needed in the accommodation sector.
  • Information services, car hire and insurances, chauffeur services, parking and luggage services are required in the travel sector.

Hospitality jobs are so important to the traveler because these are the services that make traveling for work or pleasure an enjoyable experience, rather than one fraught with worry and frustration.

Communication is at the heart of the tourism and hospitality industries. If you are trained at a career college, can speak, read, and write in English and are also fluent in one or more other languages, you have an excellent chance of being welcomed into a great career in one or both of these fields.

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