Partnership Between ULI And Davis College
Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:02

Partnership Between ULI And Davis College

A New Ladder for Students to Achieve Academic Success


Universal Learning Institute has proudly signed a partnership agreement with Davis College, a private accredited post-secondary institution based in Toledo Ohio since 1858. This joint program provides a great benefit to domestic and international students to achieve academic success in the Business arena, both in North America or in their home countries with double certification.

For over 25 years ULI has successfully introduced adult students, both domestic and international, to their career of choice, showing them how to obtain the right skill-set to get a job and keep a job they want. Now, with this new partnership, ULI is presenting an excellent opportunity for students who desire to earn an Associate degree in their field of study.

Normally, most public and private universities in North America will require minimum 6.5 on Academic IELTS in order to be accepted into any academic program. These language entrance requirements will keep many international students from non-English speaking countries out of the door because it takes a lot of efforts to make satisfactory IELTS scores in the exam. However, the job-oriented career colleges in Canada have relatively lower entrance requirements in terms of English, which will allow students to start courses with lower English level and build up their language skills gradually throughout the program.

In this 1+1 Business Management Program from ULI and DC, the student wouldn’t need to present any Standard English Test reports for admission purposes. Under the articulation partnership, the students will have one year academic study with ULI of Business Management Diploma and all the credits earned will be 100% transferred to Davis College. During the Co-op period, students can take online courses and finish the second year study at Davis College, obtaining the Associate of Applied Business Degree.

In this program, the students will have one year with ULI, obtaining the Business Management Diploma, and the second year will study with Davis College, obtaining the Associate of Applied business Degree.


There are many benefits of this pathway program, namely:

  • Internationally recognized diplomas and associate degrees, both from ULI and Davis College.
  • Their English will be fluent both written and orally.
  • They can transfer to the third year study of the partnered universities such as Trinity Western University, Winsor University in Canada, and Northeastern University in USA and will be eligible for three year Postgraduate Work Permit upon graduation..
  • If the student wants to stay working in Canada, they can easily do so. Their employer only needs to apply for the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), which is a document a Canadian employer might need to get in order to hire a foreign employee.
  • They can apply for the Permanent Residence when meeting IRCC requirements.


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