The Practice of Nursing
Thu, 05/03/2018 - 06:07

Those who are looking for a new career or who are ready to choose their first career may want to consider nursing. This rewarding career is loaded with possibilities, from plenty of job opportunities across Canada and around the world to excellent compensation. It is a fast-growing field that offers candidates good job security due to the country’s aging population. Even more importantly, nursing gives civic-minded, nurturing individuals a chance to give back to the world around them by caring for those who are currently unable to care completely for themselves.

The Best Candidates for a Career in Nursing

While nursing school candidates may have many different backgrounds and with wide-ranging personalities, there are a few traits that are generally true across the board. Nurses and health care workers generally have good grades in school, particularly in the sciences because much of their careers rest on this knowledge. Characteristics of the typical nurse include good leadership abilities, the ability to work well in a team, quick decision-making skills and great critical thinking skills. Bedside nurses should also have a passion for helping people and should be compassionate and caring.

Nursing Career Paths

Just because one becomes a registered nurse does not mean that bedside nursing must be done. Instead, individuals have a wide range of career paths once they leave school. The more experience one gains, the more doors will open in his or her career as well. Individuals may work in critical care, medical/surgical care, pediatric, maternity or geriatric care. They may work outside of the hospital in a clinical or public health setting, or they may work as private duty nurses or as nurse managers.

Common Nursing Duties

Nursing duties range far and wide but typically include giving one-on-one care to patients, monitoring symptoms, communicating with doctors and other practitioners, performing physical assessments, documenting findings and administering medications.

The Health Care and Nursing Program at Universal Learning Institute

Programs at ULI can give interested candidates the knowledge and skills they need to become LPNs or an RNs. Training is also available for those who want to become medical assistants, nurse’s aides or medical office workers. We even help foreign students earn Canadian Standard Nursing Upgrade Diplomas or Medical Office Assistant Diplomas, which they can then use here or in their home countries.

We encourage you to give back to others by beginning a rewarding career in nursing and health care at Universal Learning Institute in Richmond, British Columbia. With our advanced classes, caring professors and focus on excellence, you will find yourself primed to go down any number of career paths in the medical field in the future.


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