Is A Private Career College The Right Choice For You
Wed, 03/23/2016 - 07:05

Learning specific skills at a private career college is one of the best choices you can make if you want an interesting job as well as good employment opportunities right after graduation and into the future.

  • If you are a successful high school student with good marks, you may be considering applying to a university but are worrying about the time and expense involved.
  • If you have not been very successful in high school and your marks aren’t great, you may be afraid that any type of post-secondary education will be too difficult for you.
  • If you are already working and don’t like your job, you may be looking for a career change and don’t know how to manage it and can’t afford a drop in pay by starting over.

Attending a private career college education can be a really good choice in all three of these situations.

Is a University Education a Better Choice?

If you are a good high school student, you may believe the best choice you can make for a post-secondary education is to attend a university. It certainly is a good choice but not for everyone.  These are factors that make college a better choice:

  • You may not be able to afford four years of education, especially with the high cost of tuition charged by universities. If you are barely scrimping by and anxious to get out of school and start earning, you can be working after a year or two of college education.
  • If you are a good student but not outstanding, you may not be accepted by the university of your choice or into the program you want. Some popular programs accept very few students each year and universities are swamped with applicants. At private career colleges, students can start their studies anytime throughout the year and marks don’t have to be as high, which makes it easier to get accepted and get started in the program you want.
  • You not only have high tuition fees at universities, you also have two or three more years of food, lodging, and personal expenses to fund than you would have at a college.
  • After four years of university education, you may not be trained to do any particular job and it may be difficult to find employment, whereas a college education means training for specific jobs with specific skills, which makes it easier.

Would College Courses be too Difficult for You? 

Because so much of career college education is practical and involves hands-on training rather than book learning, students who were not particularly successful at high school can succeed at college if they are determined.

  • You may need coaching on how to study and avoid cramming, and knowledge of your own learning style. You may need to learn better time management, good study habits, and how to provide yourself with the best environment for studying. Counselors at school and at college can advise you on where to get this help.
  • Tutors are available at colleges and so are group study sessions.
  • The job market is becoming increasingly competitive and a college education positions you for a better paying job and many more work opportunities than if you have only a high school education. The extra effort required to graduate from a career college is well worth it.

Can You Afford to Make a Career Change?

If you are already out of school and working, you may hate your job and be desperate to change careers, but are afraid to invest too much time and money in training for something new.

This is where a private career college really shines and where you can shine, too.

  • You can train for a career and be out working very quickly at better pay rather than switching jobs and starting at the bottom of the ladder again earning starting wages.
  • You can chose a career where some of your courses are part time and you can complete some of your training while you are still employed, which reduces the amount of time you are off work.
  • There may be co-op work terms in the program you select and you will be able to earn money in your new field while you continue to train.
  • You may be eligible for student loans or grants, or have part of your tuition paid by one of several employment services.

Training at a private career college can pay huge dividends in the future and steer you into a career path that you find enjoyable and rewarding. Be sure and check it out.


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