Hospitality & Tourism

The Hospitality & Tourism Faculty is designed to provide a strong foundation up to management level thinking in key concepts and systems in the hospitality and tourism industry. Comprehensive knowledge of all major sectors such as Food and Beverage, Events and Conferences, Lodging and Front Office Operations, Sales and Marketing, Business Communications, and Major Management Functions are introduced. The program also offers work experience opportunity that effectively connects with the hospitality & tourism industry, thereby synchronizing knowledge and skills valued by employers in the hospitality and tourism industry.

There is a shortage of employees in the hospitality and tourism industry.  Now is the time to jump on board.

In as little as seven months you can earn a diploma and be working or upgrading your career in a hospitality and tourism industry. Including:  event management, food services, accommodations.

Hospitality and tourism jobs can also offer perks and industry-related discounts.

There is currently a shortage of qualified applicants in this employment sector in BC and Canada.  Job opportunities are plentiful.

Positions include: front desk, guest services, reservations, planning, management and more
  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Cruise Ships
  • Resorts
  • Theme Parks
  • Tourist Centers and Destinations

Earn your AH&LA or Canadian Standard Diploma Starting Today!

Quickstart Diplomas 7 Months
Full Diploma 1-2 years
Continuing Education Single Courses
Co-Ops (work placement) Provided by ULI
We offer both Canadian and American certifications in order to help you get a job and also to keep a job.
Canadian Certification Courses
  • Food & Beverage Server
  • Supervisor
  • Front Desk Agent
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Tourism Essentials
  • Hospitality/Tourism Sales Manager
  • Event Coordinator / Event Manager
  • Housekeeping Room Attendant
American Certification (AH&LA) Courses
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Supervision in the Hospitality/Tourism Industry
  • Managing Front Office Operations
  • Managing Service in Food & Beverage Operations
  • The Lodging & Food Service Industry
  • Hospitality Sales & Marketing
  • Managing Technology in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry
  • Managing Housekeeping Operations

Several of our courses and programs also offer a work experience opportunity that effectively connects you with the hospitality and tourism industry. You get to apply the knowledge you learned in a real world environment.  Employers are looking for that in an employee search.

Let us help to get and keep that dream job in the exciting hospitality and tourism sector.

ULI offers 3rd Party Certifications

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